Monday, October 29, 2018

♫ Enya - May it be ( lyrics ) ♫

It came to mind this morning that adding songs here and there would add depth to my new blog and the different messages I will be posting. Enjoy!

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Yellow and White Flowers

They Tell Me Secrets
I've spent time today thinking of starting something new that I like doing and this was the option that suits me best and so this is my newest blog. My first post comes with a message that involves flowers. I have had this image in my head since I decided to do this and am calling these messages "secrets" because they are whispered to me from the spirit of whatever energy, being, or intelligence decides to get my attention.
Yellow and White Flowers 
Should you come across yellow and white flowers growing next to each other or if you see them at a market already picked and in a bunch of flowers of other colors and the yellow and white ones get your attention, they are asking that you take them home and put one of each color flower in a glass or small vase of water placing them where they can be seen regularly, or where you feel they want to be.  
I am being told that "yellow" is for happiness and joy and "white" for purity and peace. Together you will be in a space holding those qualities. 
I don't know if it is a one time thing - I guess that depends on how one feels, but I believe it is when you read this that would be the time to keep it in mind. So whenever someone reads this message, the next time they come across a yellow and white flower and memory is jogged it would be the appropriate time to pick the flowers or buy them and bring them home to enjoy their friendship and energy exchange.